Thursday, January 9, 2014

Photo shoot

We got out our nice camera this week, and Ruby and I did a little photo shoot. It was lots of fun, and she's way too cute. So photogenic. We've been having lots of fun. It's nice to have a little bit of wind down time after the craziness of Christmas. We've gone to the library, shopping, etc. All the things we needed to catch up on.
Ruby has actually started eating some vegetables that aren't pureed! I'm so excited about that. She likes sweet potatoes a lot, and carrots and salad. She doesn't mind asparagus, but she still hates broccoli and cauliflower. We'll keep working on those. I'm just glad she's eating some and I don't have to puree them. She really likes "vinegar" (balsamic and olive oil) or "dip" (Ranch) on her salad.
It's so fun to see what she's going to say or do next. Last night Andy gave her a bath, and I was in the kitchen. I heard little feet running my way, and a very naked Ruby came around the corner and said, "Ruby naked!"So funny. She loves helping me in the kitchen and says, "I need a chair" any time I'm doing anything in there. Then she proceeds to push it around the kitchen following me to whatever counter I'm working at. I love it.
 Sweet girl. These are some of the photos from our shoot.
 I love her little teeth and her gray eyes.
 Pretending to sleep.
 Ruby and Mommy (and baby).
 Happy girl.
 We met some friends at the park the other day since it was sunny. It was still cold, but fun. One of Ruby's shoes came off at one point, and she walked through the mud in her sock to me to help her out. I had to take off the sock and she just wore her shoe without a sock. Poor girl.
 Taking Lupe's temperature.
 Reading in her rocking chair.
 Trying on Mommy's cardigan. She loves looking in that mirror when she has something fun on.
 Eating peanut butter crackers with Daddy.
 Playing with Mommy's hair.
 And putting on some make-up on Sunday morning.
 She had this little remote and was pretending it was an iPhone. Too funny.
 Eating a muffin. I love how she uses her hands.
 She proceeded to peel all of her crayons.
 Mommy's weekly belly photo shoot... Ruby wanted to be a part of it. She likes to kiss the baby, and says, "Hi baby" in a very sweet voice.
 Reading stories in a tunnel with Daddy.
 It was too dark for a good photo, but it was cute anyway.
 Silly girl.
 Playing the violin at Motion Monday.
 Then she walked around and showed off her pink boots to just about every adult in the room, and it was packed.
 We went up to Portland on Monday afternoon to see Andy's Aunt Doris. Ruby liked playing puzzles with Grandpa.
 Reading in bed with Daddy.
 She likes to watch me let the chickens out.
 Apparently the vacuum was dirty and needed cleaning.
 I've been putting her to bed and nap with these little blanket ducky and bear so maybe she'll get more attached to them and less attached to her paci's. We'll see how it goes.
 She put on a little makeup. Hah.
 Trying on her underwear for about 30 minutes. She did pretty good in them.
 Making risotto with Daddy.
 She was putting letters on the dish washer and said it spelled "I love Mommy."
 Reading Mommy's old journal with her milk this morning while I was trying to make the bed.
 Getting ready to go out to feed the chickens.
And then she wanted to go on a walk, so we walked around the park.

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  1. She is such a fun little girl! Loved all the pictures!! Thanks so much for posting!


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