Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pullen family Christmas and New Years

 We had a great week. This picture is when Randy was with us on Saturday, so we braved the cold and went down the canyon to a very pretty place called Niagara. We had to climb over the gate, and the rocks were very slippery, but it was fun. Ruby was nice and cozy in the Ergo with Daddy.

We have officially weaned Ruby. Friday night was the last time nursing, and she has done great. She still asks once or twice at nap and bedtime, but she does fine. We still cuddle a lot.
 Niagara. If you look really closely, you can see Randy way out there on a ledge.
 Playing with her new pots and pans, I think they were making spaghetti.
 She's been really into wearing her hat. And sticking out her tongue. :)
 Making ginger bread houses with her cousins.
 Yummy, crackers.
 Right after I took this picture Ruby closed her eyes really tight. It was so cute. She loves to pray.
 Wearing a towel for a bib.
 Cute pony tail!
Purse, sunglasses, and paper. All necessary for going out.
 She's been cooking and baking using this cart. This time she said, "Baking letters."
 And then she proceeded to pretend to eat them.

I guess I didn't get any pictures of our New Years party. It was at the Schabel's, and it was lots of fun. We put Ruby to bed in a back closet at about 8pm, and she slept great! We got her up to go home at 12:15 or so, and she simpered a little bit, and then went right back to sleep when we got home. What an easy baby!
 Cutie pie on the bed.
I love this picture! She's such a ham. Her eye's a little swollen here, I think it's a clogged tear duct or something. It's going down.
She also loves playing with her dolls and her new stroller. Here she's putting a blanket (handkerchief) on Lupe and Pauline.

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  1. Always fun to see the new pictures!!! Glad she weaned so easily. I know it is a hard thing to give up but cuddles and closeness help. Glad to FaceTime today! Love you!


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