Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lego development

 This week Ruby has gone from building just tall towers with the 2x2 blocks to building all kinds of things. It's been lots of fun to see that develop. And she says the funniest things too. It's so fun to get to play with her every day and see what she'll come up with next. Her favorite activities are coloring, playing Legos, playing with her pots and pans, and pushing her dolly stroller around.

I can't believe she's turning 2 on Sunday!! This year has been a blast. At this time last year she was just learning to walk and saying her first words. We're really looking forward to the next year with her and seeing her become a big sister. Speaking of... she felt Baby Heartbeat move today. At least I think she did. Andy was holding her hand on my stomach and it kicked. :) I'm excited for her to feel it more and to understand more. She seems to understand pretty well though, yesterday she was asking to hold the baby and putting her hands out by my stomach. So cute.

 Building a "car dryer" with Daddy. She's obsessed and wants to see it every time we drive down First Street. She always guesses if it will be open or closed.

 I caught this picture at the end of her nap. This is how she normally sleeps.

 Having fun at Motion Monday.


 Reading stories with Daddy.

 She wanted that necklace on her face, then got her purse and stroller and said she was going to church.

 Cutie pie.

 I was cooking in the kitchen, and she built this Lego structure completely by herself. Flowers and all.

 Watching for the mail to come.

 She "helped" me make enchiladas yesterday... It mostly consisted of her eating lots of cheese and black beans, and trying to fold the tortillas.

 We don't watch much TV at all. Daddy decided to show her a little bit of Finding Nemo and she was enthralled.

 A little bit of attitude.

 Playing Legos again this morning. She likes her sweatshirt.

 She wanted to ride her horsey. Hah!

 It was such a nice day, we went out to feed the chickens a snack.

 In her cute froggy boots.

 She's been playing Jingle Bells on the piano a lot.

 She was setting out the napkins saying, "Dif one's for Daddys, dif one's for Mommys..."

We took a little family photo tonight. Ruby loves to smile for the camera.

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