Sunday, January 19, 2014

24 weeks

Baby Heartbeat is about 1 1/4 pounds now, and almost a foot long from head to toe! I still don't really know where body parts are, but think I can feel feet on my upper right side and hands on my lower left side most of the time. It moves around though. Last night at about 1am it started kicking up a storm. It was great, but I really do need sleep. :) Silly baby.

On Monday I went in for my prenatal massage gifted to me by my boss/friend Janna. It was wonderful and amazing! She had these pillows that have room for your belly, so I was able to lay on my stomach and on my back. It was absolutely lovely, and my shoulders definitely needed it. They're still tight and have knots though. I'm not sure those will ever go away without consistent massages.

I'm going into the midwife this Wednesday for my 24 week appointment. It feels like we're really making progress now. Only 16-ish weeks to go. We're currently waiting to hear news from my cousin Carla who is about 5 days overdue with her baby boy at this point. Can't wait! There are lots of new babies in my family coming this winter and spring. Our little one will have tons of second cousins his/her age.

I think we're narrowing down baby names. Nothing is set yet though. We still have time. I got lots of comments today at church about how big I'm getting. I have a friend due 6 weeks before me with her first, and I am way bigger. Oh well. I feel like my stomach muscles may be spreading further apart, which is not a good thing though. Not sure if there's anything I can do about it. I may have to get some kind of support band before the end. That wouldn't be too bad though.

Changes this week: Stomach muscles spreading. My skin is super dry, but I think that's weather related. It's been dry and foggy lately which makes my hands crack and bleed. No fun.

Cravings this week: Anything chocolate, although I've been really good at not indulging very often.

Link to Ruby's 24 week post

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