Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baking and other fun things

We had fun this week. We did lots of baking and indoor activities while it was pouring rain. It's been nicer the last few days, but still cold. Ruby has gotten a little cold this week too, but so far it's not too bad. Hopefully she'll get better quickly. It's made her a little more tired and cranky, but sleeping has been fine. She sometimes wakes up in the night but usually puts herself back to sleep. One night she was crying so I went in there, and she said, "Ruby wake up."
Ruby's been learning her colors lately and is getting really good at a few of them, especially orange, green, blue, black and brown. She thinks purple is pink and has no clue what yellow is. She's been talking in longer sentences too. At dinner tonight she said the longest one yet (I think), "I need more sour cream on my tortilla." Plain as day. We're so proud. :) 
One of my favorite things, though, is that she says "actually" all the time. For example, "Dif one Mommy's. Actually, dif one Daddy's." I must say that a lot or something. She's also been saying, "We should do play play dough," and, "We should do color." So funny.
I've been having so much fun with Ruby lately. She's always wanting to do activities like coloring, playing legos, play dough, cooking, going on walks, etc. I love being her Mommy!
 We went over to our friends' house on Friday, and Ruby wanted to hold baby Malachi. He's almost as big as she is at 8 months, and so cute. That's Josiah in there too.
 Playing cars with Daddy.
 Doing Mommy's pregnancy exercises with Daddy.
 Cutie playing legos in the morning.
 Playing cards with Daddy.
 Bouncing on the ball.
 Making some soup.
 Kiss <3
 We baked bread on Tuesday. It was really yummy. Ruby had tons of fun and got flour everywhere. My Mom tells me I used to do the same thing. :) I'm so glad she loves being in the kitchen. Future Foodie!
 Putting her monkeys (Jean-Philippe and Pierre) to bed.
 Playing around with Mommy.
 Rolling out cracker dough...
 She tried. I had to fix it a little bit. When this happens she says, "Oh deaw. Mommy fix it."
 She came in the shower with me yesterday morning because she got yogurt in her hair at breakfast. When it was drying this is what happened. Looks like she may get some curly hair in the future!
 Eating some snacks. Daddy dressed her, so cute.
 Playing on the laundry pile. She's been loving necklaces and skirts.
 Doing pregnancy exercises with Mommy today. She has her own little band and loves it.
 She took this picture of herself. I do the same thing with my tongue when I'm concentrating.
Sometimes we go to the beginning of youth group, which is lots of fun. Tonight Ruby was talking to Grandma on her phone (the remote). She loves the laser pointer too.

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  1. You are doing a great job raising a happy girl!! Isn't it fun to hear her making sentences? You are going to be laughing a lot in this next year, 2 is such a cute age! Can't wait to see her! And you too!


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