Thursday, October 10, 2013


 First of all, our big accomplishment of the week: Ruby went pee pee on the potty!! She's been wanting to sit on it for a while, but on Sunday she actually went! It was pretty exciting. She's gone several times since then, and sometimes asks to go while I'm changing her diaper. I'm not in a hurry to potty train her, but it looks like she wants to start, so we'll go for it slowly.
Ruby had a nasty cold all week, so we were kind of cooped up in our house and couldn't go to our usual things. It was sad. She's down to just a cough, so hopefully that will be better by Sunday. I don't want to miss a third Sunday in a row at church.
Her current favorite things are coloring, puzzles, and helping Mommy cook. She always loves reading books too. Oh, and brushing her teeth. She also loves her new owl jammies and our umbrella.
 We visited Norpac this week. Ruby got a taste of office work (and several gifts of a necklace, a happy meal toy, an easter egg, and some smarties). :)
 I was cutting up an onion, and this was the first time Ruby got teary too. It was one from my garden, and they seem to be extra strong. Sad.
 She rode the horsey at Safeway and actually stayed on the whole time! She kept bouncing after it was done.
 Eating some raisins using her stool as a table.
 We went to a little bit of the Homecoming game. Go Eagles!
 Lounging on Saturday morning.
 They sure love each other.
 Owl jammies.
 Story time!
 She put Woody in the window sill and said "Night night."
 Building her signature lego tower.
 Diaper!! She runs away sometimes and says "Come ere." So funny.
 Riding on her toy hippo.
 Matchy matchy
 She was lining up all the paper plates and setting them on the table.
 Playing "Night night"
 Playing with pipe cleaners. She kept saying "Pokey"
 A big hug for Daddy.
 She wanted to sit on the seat to eat a cracker, not her car seat.
 Playing the piano. She just started using the foot pedals too. She's so observant.
Reading the Bible.

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  1. Awesome pictures!!! Glad she loves to ride the horsey now. AND, glad she is interested in going potty!! Love her. Love you. Love Andy!


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