Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bad cold...

Ruby had a horrible cold, and she was sick for more than two weeks. But she is finally feeling better! We were cooped up in the house and couldn't go to church or my women's group for a long time. I'm so glad she's recovering. Apparently someone else brought their sick kid while we were out, and a bunch of the other little kids caught it. I'm just glad to say that for sure it wasn't me. :)
 Silly girl. She goes potty about once every day or every other day.
 Playing with Abbie.
 Crying over something, not sure what, but it's pretty cute.
 Playing with her sand toys. She's starting to play pretend.
 She loves her stickers!
 There are so many Rubys!
 I ran a 5K color run with my friends on Saturday. It was lots of fun!
 Ruby wanted to take Lupe to church.
 This is why we don't watch much on TV. :) But she was pretty tired too.
 She loves looking at the moon. Her new favorite book is Goodnight Moon, and she wants me to read it to her several times a day.
 Family breakfast date before the dentist. Ruby really liked sharing a plate with us. She ate all the blackberries.
 We went to the library after her nap, and she played with the kitchen for a long time. When we got home, she was putting things in a pan, putting them on the shelf and saying "oven." It was cute.
 I was needed to help with childcare for the women's groups on Tuesday. It was fun to see how Ruby does in the nursery. She's such a happy kid and gets along with everyone really well. One little boy pushed her and she fell down, but when I asked him to say sorry, she gave him a big hug.
 Snack time! Quinn, Ruby, Karley, Hannah, Mason, Cameron and Penny.
 Ruby says "read to you" when she wants us to read her a story. This was a special moment with Daddy.
 After grocery shopping, she just wanted to be "cooking" with the lemons.
 She had all 4 of her paci's and was so excited about them. She usually only gets them at nap and bed time.
Watching the middle school football game. I love my family. <3

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  1. It's so fun to see her personality develop! She is a sweetie. Cute pics!
    Love you!


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