Thursday, October 24, 2013

Big Sister!

This week we announced to everyone that Ruby is going to be a big sister! We're very excited. I'm due on May 11th. I'll add my blog posts about the pregnancy that I've been doing when I get a chance.
 We've been having tons of fun with Ruby this week. She's getting to the point where she puts lots of words together, and she thinks she's pretty funny. I went in there one morning and she kept saying "pocket, uh-oh, oh dear" and she had put a paci down her pajamas all the way to her foot. It was hilarious.
 She loves to go smell the flowers when we go to and from the car. I try to not rush her because I know she really likes that and it's a special time.
 Riding on her little bike in the utility room.
 No shirt!
 We went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday and had lots of fun. Ruby was seeing a horse in this picture.
 So we went to pet it. His name is Spike.
 Fun in the little kid area.
 We rode on the wagon pulled by the horses.
She loved it.
 Reading Daddy's school book.
 She didn't want to take off her backpack after church.
Playing with a towel. First it was a scarf...
 Then she stuffed it in a pitcher.
 A rare moment of cuddling with Daddy after her nap. She's not really a cuddler.
 We watched part of Toy Story 2 and she was playing with Woody. She loves it.
 On Wednesday Andy took a day off and we went to OMSI.
 Playing with the water.
 In the tree with their acorns.
 Hanging out in an eagle's nest.
 The big sand area was her favorite.
 Learning the cash register.
 Nap at Grandma's after OMSI.
 Playing with twister with her cousins.
 She pulled up her pant legs and untied her shoes on the way home. Silly girl.
 She was singing Rock O Baby to her necklace and water today.
 Helping Mommy make the bed.
She's such a girl! Wearing her pearls and Mommy's heels.

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