Friday, October 25, 2013

7 Weeks

Oh man, extreme exhaustion hit me this week. I’ve been sooo tired. I took two naps yesterday, went to sleep at 8:45pm, and I’m still super tired today. I think nursing Ruby and being pregnant at the same time is just taking it out of me. And having to chase around a toddler. Andy’s been really sweet and has pitched in with watching Ruby when he can so I can rest. I’ve been feeling yucky in the afternoons as well, especially today. I’ve been really worried about miscarriage this week. I’ve been having slight pain where my ovaries are, but I had that with Ruby at this stage as well, and everything was fine. I just have to trust God and not worry. It won’t help anything anyway. We told my family about the baby this week when I was down there. They were all very excited! We’re telling Andy’s family on Friday at Patty’s birthday dinner. We’re excited!

Changes this week: Exhaustion, more nausea, my stomach’s sticking out there :) I try to wear shirts that will hide it.

Cravings this week: No cravings yet. Sweets are not as appealing as usual, which is probably a good thing. I wanted salty things with Ruby as well.

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