Friday, October 25, 2013

4, 5, and 6 Weeks Pregnant

We found out we're expecting on Friday! We're excited to welcome another baby into the family!!
5 Weeks!
I’m six weeks pregnant with our second baby! This time around has been very different so far. With Ruby it all felt so real so fast, but with this baby, I’ve been so busy with Ruby that I haven’t had time to sit and think about it, or to research like I did with her. And the way we found out might have something to do with it too. :) Since I took the test and surprised Andy with it with Ruby, we decided to have him look at it this time. I took the test and left it in the bathroom. So he checked it at 5 minutes, and came into the bedroom and said “Nope.” I think we were both disappointed. So then I went back into the bathroom and looked at it, and there was a definite second line there, although it was pretty faint. So I said “Andy, there’s a line there! I think it’s positive!” He didn’t really believe it was true for a few days and a few tests later. It was pretty funny. And then I accidentally told Becca about it on the same day. I put our due date on our shared calendar, which she shares as well. Oops!! She was surprised and excited.

Already I’m having to pee non-stop and I’ve been pretty tired. I’ve had a little nausea at around 10am and 3 or 4pm the last few days, but it goes away pretty quickly. I’ve made a midwife appointment for 10 weeks, so we have to wait another 4 weeks for it. I don’t want to tell many people before that, because I want to hear a heart beat first. We’ll tell our families though, and maybe a few close friends.

We can’t wait for this baby! Ruby’s going to love being a big sister, and having two will be tons of fun. They’ll be about 28 months apart, which sounds good to me. Our goal was 2-3 years apart, so it will be perfect

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