Friday, October 25, 2013

10 Weeks

Our midwife appointment is this week! I’m so excited to get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, so hopefully it’s in a good position and cooperates. I told some of my friends the news yesterday since I was doing a 5K with them and my belly was sticking out :) They were excited. The 5K went really well, and I didn’t have any problems running. I plan on still running in the next 10 or so weeks, but maybe not 3 whole miles. One or two will be fine.

Ruby points to my tummy and says “baby.” It’s really cute. But then she pointed to her neck and said “baby,” so I’m not sure if she thinks she’s the baby, or if she thinks there’s one in her too. And she thought there was one in Andy’s tummy too. It’s cute. I think she’ll be a great big sister. She always wants to see the pictures of the baby’s development each week. She brought her dolly Lupe in the car with her to church this morning and always wants to put a diaper on her, so hopefully she’ll start understanding what a baby is for real before too long. And she loves the babies in the nursery.

Changes this week: I have morning sickness randomly. I felt really yucky two or three days this week, but the rest have been okay. At one point Andy brought me a trash can, but thankfully I didn’t have to use it. I can feel the top of my uterus for sure now, so hopefully that means the baby is growing well. And I’m really starting to show already. My pants still button though. :)

Cravings this week: I finally got my Thai food, and boy, was it delicious. I’ve been wanting bland things like saltines and bread with butter, but sweets and salty things all sound good too for the most part. I’m definitely having less cravings than last time.

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